Ely Summer and Winter Times

The Ely Summer and Winter Times was first published in 1996. It’s filled with articles and information interesting to full-time and seasonal Ely residents, tourists, business visitors, and Ely enthusiasts who don’t live here (yet). Distributed for free at most Ely locations and with a promise of only 1/3rd advertising space, the Times is a great place for businesses and non-profits to get their message to just about everybody at a very reasonable rate. New with the Summer 2019 edition, the Times will also be online at our website with live links to advertisers’ websites and others that relate to article topics. The Times can also be posted on others’ websites with our permission. Subscriptions to the paper version are available here, and the advertising rates here. Archived issues are available here (Please be patient – we’re still working on these.)  And back issues in paper, if we have them, are here.



Suddenly it’s fall. The end of summer for us was absorbed in putting on the show Nature at Hidden Valley (link to Ely Nordic, https://www.elynordic.org/chalet)near Ely with Tiger Lion Arts (link – http://www.tigerlion.org). It was an amazing outdoor theatrical event that is still providing us with pride-inspiring compliments from those who attended. Clouds were sprinkling…

New Website

Occasionally, when we aren’t absorbed with Ely arts events, wildland firefighting, emergency medicine, grandkids, and the rest of our lives, or when we are really feeling passionate about something, we will write a blog here about Ely life, our wilderness setting, or anything else that inspires us. Check back once in a while…