Boundary Waters & Quetico Calendar

The Boundary Waters & Quetico Calendar gives you twelve outstanding photographs to remind you of where you’ve spent precious, perhaps even life-changing, moments. Locations are identified so you will know exactly where these familiar scenes are awaiting your return.

When our most enthusiastic customers get in touch, they always comment on the sidebars. These contain a variety of topics from human and natural history to camping tips and even recipes, with some occasional philosophical rants about wilderness and getting kids outdoors. Moon phases, hunting and fishing seasons, emergency contacts, permit information, holidays and local events are included. With all that we try to leave enough room for you to add your appointments and special events on each date.

Ely Summer and Winter Times

The Ely Summer and Winter Times was first published in 1996. It is a digitized, digest-size publication distributed FREE to Ely area visitors, residents, and enthusiasts online and through local businesses. It has a map, calendar of events, restaurant guide, and articles about the area’s history, wildlife, attractions, and recreational opportunities.

Distributed for free at most Ely locations and with a promise of only 1/3rd advertising space, the Times is a great place for businesses and non-profits to get their message to just about everybody at a very reasonable rate.

The Raven Words Reflections Blog

I wish for all of you a wild place

Resonant words from the archives: Dear Calendar Owners, As I write this it is Memorial Weekend, 2007. I have just returned from working at the Ham Lake Fire on the Gunflint Trail, where sadly we lost homes and witnessed the destruction of wild places that were special to many people. It was perhaps all the…

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow! was first published in the 1998-1999 Ely Winter Times: Snow is pretty amazing stuff. Did you know that a light powder snow cover is 92% air? It has a higher R-value than fiberglass insulation. Just nine inches is enough to keep the soil from freezing even in sub-zero temperatures. In fact, snow…

Pulla (known to some as Finnish biscuit) recipe

This recipe was submitted to an Ethnic Eats of Ely cookbook that was compiled and published by the Slovenian Union of America Branch No. 23 in Ely, Minnesota. Makes 3 braids Ingredients: 2 cups scalded milk 10-12 whole cardamom seeds, shelled and pounded with a hammer) 3½ tsp yeast 8½ cups flour, divided into 3…

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